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Bringing ideas to life


We bridge the gap between customer and client

Originating in New York City, Vinyl is an experiential marketing and creative branding firm. Although we may be a startup we’ve realized a few things in our journey, regardless of a companies size, they always need representation. With the current climate, our clients need cost- effective and reliable representation to reach their target audience. Unfortunately, our clients were hit by the pandemic and they have to be strategic in what they invest their budget towards and that’s where we come in.

Our Mission

Having experience in running various campaigns in 2 of the biggest cities, New York City and Toronto, our goal is to become the fastest growing company in the west coast here in Vancouver.


We pride ourselves on the culture of our company and so we stay true to our philosophies whilst continuing to expand aggressively. We believe in no seniority, in promotion from within and in merit-based advancement.


We know there will always be a big flow when it comes to the economy and we never want to cap our ability to grow. We never want to say no to a new opportunity, so we work with a diverse portfolio of clients.


Willingness to take risks

We wanted to branch off and step away from traditional advertising and marketing campaigns such as TV, Radio and focus on the customer experience. We thought of what would bring our clients lifetime customers, and we realized there is nothing more powerful than a human connection.

We can guarantee our clients that no experience will be the same, we make sure each interaction is unique and tailored towards each individual.

A campaign from us always guarantees the same three metrics:
1) An increase in market share via the acquisition of new customers
2) An increase in revenue from only charging a client upon receipt of said customers
3) An increase in brand awareness by virtue of us running direct, face to face channels

vinyl vancouver 

vinyl vancouver 

vinyl vancouver 

vinyl vancouver 

vinyl vancouver 

Due to an increase in budget from our clients, we are looking to grow the team in both the Vancouver area and beyond. Growth creates vacancy and so we have a multitude of positions available.

We believe in identifying talent and placing the right person in the right position. As such we sit and screen all candidates face to face in order to see where they could best play a part in the company, but currently we are looking to fill these roles: Brand Ambassador, Summer Interns, Recruitment Interns, Recruitment Assistants, Sales Representative, Marketing Assistant, Brand Management Trainee (cross-trained through all departments).

We don’t look for anything specific from an applicant, but traditionally we have had success with candidates who have backgrounds in Sports & Fitness, Customer Service, Retail, Hospitality, Sales, Marketing and Real Estate.