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What is Direct Marketing?

Direct Marketing is marketing with an addressed recipient. Companies use it because it offers a tailored, interactive experience and positive association for their brand.

What type of campaign do you work on?

Whatever is best for a client. Ranging from retail events, pop ups, street teaming, we offer a diverse approach, so however we think we can best reach the target audience, that’s what we do!

Do you provide social media campaigns?

No, we are a Direct Marketing agency so we work on face to face campaigns only. We don’t run telephone, mail or digital campaigns.

Why do you train Brand Managers internally?

There are 4 issues we foresaw with hiring externally;
1. We can’t guarantee the quality of the work
2. We would create office politics
3. We would stunt our growth because our management team wouldn’t know how to train
4. We would be putting undue stress on the Brand Manager if we didn’t train them properly

What if I want to take on a Senior position within the company without ground-up learning?

Leaders lead from the front. We would be horrified if we had someone overseeing a team but wasn’t able or willing to do what they asked the team to do. If someone isn’t open to that concept or doesn’t agree with it then no problem, they just aren’t Vinyl material.

Is this sales?

Yes, one component of a Vinyl campaign is acquiring new customers on behalf of a client.